Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Mission and Philosophy


Help our clients thrive by creating a community of support. To be a resource which provides guidance, knowledge, and tools to help people build a foundation of health.


Koa Fit uses precise, customized fitness plans to show people how to take care of their bodies. We identify the core imbalances in the body and build a focused, progressive program to help our clients increase their strength and fitness without injury or pain. We work to correct the destructive patterns in our client’s movement that continue to cause injury, and use proven protocols to re-pattern the body so our clients can simultaneously gain more strength while decreasing pain. Our classes, free workshops, and community events, create a community of support that is unique to Koa Fit and adds an additional component to our client’s overall health and fitness plan.

We at Koa Fit are constantly researching so we can offer our clients fun, innovative and smart programs that help them reach their goals quickly.   We educate our clients so they understand their program and have the option to work independently or with a trainer. This gives our clients flexibility in the amount of time and resources they want to dedicate to their program. Our team works together to provide our clients with an integrated health and fitness plan that can include exercise and rehab programs, massage therapy, and lifestyle and nutritional coaching.