Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

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Looking for a time to see one our knowledgeable Trainers or Massage Therapists?  Click on the name below to see availability for each trainer.

Brenna Backe – Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist – Please call 720-428-8863 or email at info@KoaFitUSA.com to schedule

Siri Schubert – Massage Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Missy Hughes – Personal Trainer, Sports Performance and Nutrition Coach

Annette Bray – Personal Trainer, Mobility Specialist, Yoga Instructor

Ryan Tara – Corrective Exercise Specialist, Massage Therapist

Brian Carver – Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified, FMS Level 1

Pamela Robichaud – Physical Therapists, Running Coach, Custom Orthotics


Strong Balance – Reserve your spot in our small group posture class.

Strong Senior – Reserve your spot for our modern senior fitness class.

*Please note.  We do try to keep updated schedules, but it is not always possible.  Requested times may be taken.  Appointments will be confirmed within one business day.