Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Foam Roller Exercises – Core

Below are a few ways to use the foam roller to strengthen your core.

Plank on Foam Roller

  • Keep spine long
  • Keep hips in neutral – don’t let them lift to the ceiling or sink towards the floor
  • Keep even pressure in upper body and on toes, don’t let your shoulders do all the work

Plank Roll Out on Foam Roller

  • Start at your wrists and roll to your elbows
  • Let your hips lengthen in the front as you roll out
  • Don’t use your hip flexors or quads to pull yourself up, use your stomach muscles
  • Keep spine in neutral

Alternating Leg Lifts on Foam Roller

  • Keep a neutral spine, don’t let your back over extend
  • Just use finger tips for balance
  • Keep neck and shoulders relaxed

Alternating Arm and Leg Lift on Roller

  • Keep the spine long
  • Keep weight even between hands and knees
  • Contract through your core before you lift