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Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Foam Roller Exercises – Lower Body

Below are a few ways to roll and strengthen your lower body with a foam roller.

General tips for rolling:

  • Roll slow and let your body sink of soften onto roller.
  • Stop on the places that are most intense and try to let the muscles relax.
  • Spend 1-2 minutes on each area.
  • Roll before workouts to help get the body in a good position.
  • Roll after workouts to encourage muscle recovery.

Quad Rolling

  • Keep toes pointed in.
  • Let quads relax onto foam roller.
  • Keep core tight.

 TFL/Hip Release

  • Stay on upper, outer part of leg.
  • Stop on sire spots and soften and sink into roller.

IT Band Rolling

  • Start right below the hip joint
  • Roll all the way to the knee
  • Use top leg for support by crossing it over the top
  • Reach bottom hand way out so you can do one smooth pull and make it easier on the shoulders

Hamstring Release

  • Stay on edge of foam roller
  • Use heel pump to roll with ease

Glute Rolling

  • Cross ankle over knee
  • Lean towards leg that is off the ground
  • Rolls are short, hang out on sore spots

Shin Rolling

  • Keep core tight and most of the weight on the roller
  • Draw your knees towards your chest, don’t move your whole body
  • Stay to the outside of the shin bone, don’t roll on the bone

Bridge on Foam Roller

  • Keep core tight and spine long
  • Squeeze glutes to lift, don’t let the quads do the work
  • Press through center off foot and don’t let the roller move away from you

Marching Bridge on Foam Roller

  • Keep core tight and spine long
  • Don’t let hips shift when lifting legs
  • Press through center of foot

Hamstring Curls on Foam Roller

  • Keep core tight and spine long
  • Roll from ball of foot to heel
  • Don’t let your back extend