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Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Foam Roller Exercises – Posture

Below are a few ways to use the foam roller to improve posture.

General tips for rolling:

  • Roll slow and let your body sink of soften onto roller.
  • Stop on the places that are most intense and try to let the muscles relax.
  • Spend 1-2 minutes on each area.
  • Roll before workouts to help get the body in a good position.
  • Roll after workouts to encourage muscle recovery.

Thoracic Mobilization on Foam Roller

  • Keep body level, do not extend and roll at the same time
  • Support your head and neck with your hands but do not pull forward on your neck
  • Roll slowly about 10-12 times then stretch into extension for about 1 minute

Chest Stretch and Shoulder Opener on Foam Roller

  • Let arms soften and sink towards the floor
  • Slide shoulder blades down gently
  • Let the front of the shoulder open


Lat Rolling and Shoulder Release on Foam Roller

  • Roll slow
  • Keep palm up and arm above the head
  • Bend top leg and plant foot and use to help roll

Assisted Thoracic Extension (Swan) with Foam Roller

  • Engage the should blades first by sliding them down towards your spine
  • Keep the belly tight and the low back long as you start to lift your eyes
  • Stay light on the foam roller, don’t push down on the roller
  • Keep the spine long as you extend through your upper and mid back