Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Koa Fit Personal Training and Massage

Corrective Exercise

Muscle imbalances affect everyone.   For some, imbalances in the body can lead to stiff necks, low back pain, and sore knees.  Others will see loss of strength, muscle atrophy, and weaker sport performance.  Some will have limited range of motion in their hips, shoulders, and back.  Left unresolved, all imbalances will eventually limit performance, increase the risk of injury, and cause pain.

Corrective Exercise helps re-educate your body to move efficiently.   Programs are designed to increase the flexibility of muscles that have become too tight and strengthen the muscles that have become weak, or have turned off all together.  An intelligent and progressive program combined with good coaching and exercise technique can not only get you moving pain-free and efficiently, but it can get you amazingly strong and fit.

A typical corrective program will start by mobilizing the areas your body is “stuck” or tight.  Next, exercises will be implemented to isolate the muscles that have become lazy or weak.  This is the foundation of a Corrective Exercise program.  Once flexibility has been gained and the weaker muscles are working, you can begin Functional Movement Training by performing exercises to integrate the new, efficient movement pattern.

Increasing the range of motion in your joints and strengthening weaker muscles to become balanced in the body allows you to be able to lift heavier, work a greater percentage of your muscles, decrease your chances of injury, have better posture, and get stronger.  There shouldn’t be a disconnect between corrective exercise and performance enhancement.  A good training program should accomplish both.

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